UDF to get 12-18 seats while LDF 2-8 Kerala Loksabha election 2014 in CNN IBN 7 & CSDS Poll survey

Exit & Opinion Poll CNN IBN7 & CSDS Poll Survey January Kerala Loksabha election 2014 : The poll survey shows the ruling Congress-led UDF will get 12-18 parliamentary seats and LDF will win 2-8 seat Kerala election 2014.

Their are 20 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala. Below are the partywise projected seat

Party Name Projected Seats
UDF 12-18 Loksabha Seat
LDF 2-8 Loksabha Seat


Kerala Party vote percentage in CNN IBN 7 Poll survey 2014

Party Estimated Vote Percentage
UDF 50%
LDF 31%
BJP 9%
AAP 5%
Others 5%

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