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Narendra Modi wave in MP & Chhattisgarh Loksabha election 2014 in India TV & C Voter Opinion Poll

India TV & C Voter Opinion Poll 2013-2014:Modi is the voter choice as PM candidate as per survey done in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh by India TV News news and C Voter.

The Question asked by the voter :

Who would be the best candidate for Prime Minister of India?

Results of Chhatisgarh opinion poll survey of India TV and C Voter

58 per cent in Chhatisgarh voted for Narendra Modi,

26 per cent voted for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh get 7 per cent.

Results of Madhya Pradesh opinion poll survey

BJP’s PM Narendra Narendra Modi leads with 59 per cent

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi get 16 % of vote


Opinion Poll Survey : Can Narendra Modi get BJP the 272 winning numbers in 2014?

India News Biggest Poll survey on Modi: Can Narendra Modi as PM get BJP the winning numbers 272 in 2014?

Yes : 48%

No : 52%

As per the poll survey 48 percentage of voter will say modi will get BJP 272 seats in loksabha election 2014

Who will give good governance to the country Modi or Rahul?
Narendra Modi-68%

Rahul Gandhi- 32%

Is Muslim will give vote to Narendra Modi’s? India News Opinion Poll Survey

Biggest Opinion Poll Survey on Narendra Modi by India News

Is Muslim will give vote to Narendra Modi?

Yes -48%


As per the opinion poll survey the 48 percentage of Muslim can vote for Narendra modi, while 52% are not vote for Modi