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BJP -32 seats , Congress & AAP will win 18 seats each in ABP News Delhi Election 2013

BJP -32 seats , Congress & AAP will win 18 seats each in ABP News Delhi Election Exit poll 2013 will win 32 seats ABP News-Nielsen Survey

Exit Poll Results of Delhi Poll 2013

Party Name    Expected Seats

Congress- 18 Assembly seat

BJP- 32 Assembly seat

AAP-18 seat


hung assembly in Delhi poll by India TV-C Voter survey 1st Dec 2013 BJP 29 while Congress 27 & AAP 10 seats

India TV-C Voter Delhi opinion poll survey 1st December 2013 show  hung Delhi assembly.

Bjp will emerge a single largest part in delhi election 2013. BJP will manage to win 29, while Congress will get 27 seats , AAP will win 10.

Delhi goes to the voting on 4th December 2013 and result will announced on 8th December 2013 for all 70 assembly seats.

Arvind Kejriwal’s of Aam Aadmi Party is most favorite candidate for Delhi CM as per India TV- C Voter poll survey  01.12.2013

Dr Harsvardhan – 31%

Arvind Kejriwal- 34%

Sheila Dixit- 31%

New Delhi:

Congress is unlikely to win 3 seats in New Delhi zone, , but this time 3 of them are likely to be won by BJP and 0 by AAP, the poll has predicted.

ABP News Nielsen survey Delhi Poll survey 2013: AAP will get 18 seats in delhi election 2013

ABP News Nielsen survey Delhi Poll survey 2013: Aam Aadmi Party will get 18 seats in Delhi election 2013 as pet ABP news poll survey and Arvind Kejriwal became the most popular leader in Delhi.

As per the opinion poll survey AAP will emerge as Kingmaker, to secure 18 seats in Delhi Assembly poll. Date of poll in Delhi 4 December 2013

Project Assembly seats win by political party as per ABP New opinion poll survey Delhi Assembly election 2013

Party Name   Expected Seats

AAP         :       18 Seats

Congress:       22 Seats

BJP          :       28 Seats

Schedule of Assembly Election in Delhi 2013

Event                                                                                 Date
1. Issue of Notification                                           09.11.2013(Saturday)
2. Last date of making Nominations              16.11.2013(Saturday)
3. Scrutiny of Nominations                                  18.11.2013(Monday)
4.Last date for withdrawal of Candidatures   20.11.2013(Wednesday)
5. Date of Poll                                                         04.12.2013(Wednesday)
6. Counting of Votes                                          8th December 2013 (Sunday)
7. Date before which election shall be completed



IBN7 ,Hindustan Times C-fore opinion poll survey delhi election 2013

Delhi Election IBN 7 Exit Poll survey 2013 : Delhi opinion poll survey IBN7 ,Hindustan Times C-fore Delhi election 2013.  C fore conducted the survey between 1st August to 10th September, 2013

How Many Percentage of Vote will get the political party in upcoming Delhi Assembly Election 2013?

The opinion poll show that if Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2013 will held todaf  congress is losing vote percentage by 10%

Congress – 34% Percentage
BJP -32 %
AAP 21 %
BSP- 7%

C fore conducted the survey between 1st August to 10th September, 2013

Expected seats won by parties in Hindustan Times & C Fore opinion poll survey on the basis of vote percentage show by IBN7 news channel today 18 September 2013

Party Name         No of Seat likely to win in Delhi Election 2013

BJP                           22-27 seats

Congress                 32-37 seats

AAP                          7-12 seats

BSP                            0-2 seats

Others                      0-2 seats