ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll Suvey BJP(NDA) ahead of UPA if polls held now

Loksabha election 2014 predictions Survey : ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll Suvey BJP(NDA) ahead of UPA if polls held now. As per the opinion poll survey if the Lok Sabha elections were to be held now, 40% respondents intend to vote for NDA and only 27% would vote for UPA.


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3 Responses to “ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll Suvey BJP(NDA) ahead of UPA if polls held now”

  1. hemen parekh says:

    UPA 3 or NDA 2 ? What is your Choice ?

    Our country is facing a long list of Economic and Social problems
    Many of these require enacting new legislation
    Equal number require strict implementation of existing laws
    Solutions of quite a few problems , need bold / innovative and often , unpopular steps demanding deep sacrifices from different sections of our society

    All of these need,

     A heightened sense of co-operation ( National interest comes first )

     Willingness to reach compromises ( win some / lose some )

     An acute sense of urgency ( get going now / improve along the way )

    Unfortunately , during the past few years , hardly any progress could be made towards Political / Social / Economic reforms , since no single political party got an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha
    And , unless the Indian voters understand the shortcomings of the Coalition Government and decide to give one party ( it does not matter which ) , an absolute majority in the forthcoming 2014 national elections , we can expect repetition of the history !
    No Government which has to hopelessly depend upon its coalition partners , can carry out the desired reforms
    I believe , any major national party ( only Congress and BJP ? ) , which gets less than 275 seats in Lok Sabha , will continue to be blackmailed by its coalition partners
    And it would make absolutely no difference whether Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi heads UPA 3 or NDA 2 , as the Prime Minister !
    Either would be an impotent puppet of “ Coalition Dharma “ where corrupt partners dictate the shape of reforms !
    It is simple
    Either we give 300 seats to a single party or we continue to suffer for another 5 years !
    Remember , an imperfect decision is any day better than No Decision !

    • hemen parekh

  2. hemen parekh says:

    Needed – your Declaration of Intent – NOW !

    A few months back , Planning Commission had prepared a scheme to distribute free smart phones to 71 million poor families
    Recently , Kapil Sibal has submitted a scheme to distribute ( of course , free ) to children studying in Government schools ,
     25 million smart phones
     9 million tablets ( computers )
    That would cost , somewhere between Rs 7,000 Crores to Rs 10,000 Crores
    Earlier this week , a group called Smartnamo , has announced two models ( Safron 1 / Safron 2 ), of smart phones in honor of Narendra Modi
    I believe top brass of BJP are considering to distribute 20 crore of these phones to youth between the age of 18 to 25 – free of cost , of course !
    At Rs 1,000 per phone , BJP would need to raise Rs 20,000 Crore for this project
    No problem !
    India’s “ Businesses / Industry “ would oblige , since 75 % of industry-leaders want Narendra Modi to become the next PM
    And these phones are believed to come pre-installed with a mobile app , ( called , VotesApp ? ) which will enable the young owner/voters to vote in 2014 National Elections , by simply touching the VOTE button , having finger-print recognition ( ala , Apple’s iPhone 5C )
    Now , here is the most likely “ political specification “ of these phones :
    Irrespective of , whether the owner / voter is residing and registered in Kashmir or Kanyakumari or anywhere else , the vote will get cast in favor of the local BJP candidate !
    That would be one way to garner 275 seats in the Lok Sabha !
    More seriously speaking , BJP will miserably fail to deliver on its corruption-free , Good-Governance promise , if it gets voted to power with less than 275 seats .
    Secret behind NaMo’s success story in Gujarat , is BJP majority in local assembly. No relying on corrupt coalition partners to carry out any reform !
    And to get that kind of “ Absolute Majority “ , BJP must stop promising freebies and publish its ACTION PLAN for the first 100 days in power
    TV opinion polls notwithstanding , even NaMo euphoria will fade away , if BJP continues to shy away from publishing , before October-end , its “ Declaration of Intent “

    • Hemen parekh [ 19 Sept 2013 ]

  3. hemen parekh says:

    Winds of Change ?

    Hardly a week passes without some Newspapers or TV Channels announcing the results of their “ Opinion Polls “ of voters re :

     Forthcoming State Elections

     Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

     NDA vs UPA vs Third Front …..etc

    Not only the number of voters being polled increasing but even the coverage is increasing

    Questions being asked are mostly open-ended

    But then , all Statistical Sampling carry the danger of a bias getting introduced through,

     Conducting Agency

     Sample Size

     No of Options ( Centralization Tendency )

     Leading questions

     Stratification of people being polled….etc

    Given all of these limitations , there can be no doubt that the Opinion Polls are pointers to the shape of things to come

    Whereas contesting parties – and candidates – can afford to debate the accuracy of the exact “ Numbers “ , they may ignore the “ Trend “ at their own peril !

    The trend is very clear ,

     In Delhi , Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) will come to power with an absolute majority

     In other 4 States , BJP will improve its share

     At the Centre ( in 2014 National Elections ) , NDA may form the Government thru a coalition

    On 4th Dec , people of Delhi will re-confirm these trends by electing 40 + AAP candidates

    The Wind of Change is an ill-wind that blows Congress no good !

    • hemen parekh ( 19 Oct 2013 )

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